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A trip on the Orient Express: the return of vintage railway dining

Post Image The 150-year long tradition of onboard dining experiences has all but vanished from rail travel today, barring a few exceptions where a handful of providers still offer first-class catering. However, it’s a long way from the romantic scenes we’ve long seen on the silver screen, with dining carriages, plush, velvet chairs and elaborately folded napkins. Such a thirst for this forgotten era has seen the return of vintage railway dining experiences pop up all over the world. We take a look at the vintage revival and examine its popularity.Read More

Dining on board: The celebrity chefs changing travel

Post Image Following on from our recent look at the history of cruise ship dining, we’re exploring the travel dining experience further by looking at the celebrity chefs that have taken the industry to new levels. These gourmet menu ideas spark interest for passengers, and add luxury to their journey.Read More

Catering to air passenger demand

Post Image As of 2017, UK airports see over 287 million passengers passing through commercial airport terminals each year. As such, it’s no wonder the hospitality offering has become so competitive, offering quality passenger experience with a variety of restaurants, cafes, takeaway catering and bars available. Read More

The history of cruise ship dining

Post Image Cruising, once a luxury holidaying option reserved for the wealthiest of travellers, now sees nearly 2 million passengers from the UK and Ireland aboard today as the industry reaches record numbers. From its origins of first class dining rooms and silver service, through slightly murkier waters of budget cruise buffets, we take a look back at the cruise ship’s history to see how the dining experience has changed. Read More

Catering for allergies in travel environments

Post Image It’s becoming more and more common for airlines and travel companies to experience serious allergies in-flight and on the move. A matter of passenger safety, this is not something to be ignored and crews should have the resources and the training to deal with allergies if and when they arise. Peanut and nut allergies pose particular risk to sufferers and even the smallest particles in the air could trigger a life-threatening reaction. To keep passengers safe and operations running as they should, we’ve got some top tips for catering for allergies and keeping customer experience positive.Read More

Where next? Technology in the travel world

Post Image In case you missed it, we recently wrote an article all about the importance of experience to today’s passengers. Premium products and well-designed spaces have long been the two primary elements used to create great experiences, but now more than ever, technology is starting to come into play. From virtual reality (VR) to onboard connections, we explore the future of technology within the travel world.Read More

The experience passengers expect

Post Image Now more than ever, the travel industry is booming. Latest reports from the ONS indicate that UK residents completed 70.8million trips overseas in 2016 alone, with £43.8billion being spent on holidays and trips abroad in the same year. With that in mind, travel is no longer a case of getting from A to B for passengers. No matter the purpose of their trip, UK passengers’ expectations are on the rise and their experience starts before they even start their journey.Read More

Rising product stars of 2018

Post Image Every year, we look ahead at some of the most exciting trends to come in the world of food and drink. With 2018 firmly underway, we’re taking stock of what’s to come in the next 12 months. Our experts have scoured our portfolio and chosen their top products set to make their mark on the travel industry this year.Read More

We meet… Mark Walker

Post Image Mark is the man who keeps everything running smoothly here at CSS Group. We caught up with our head of operations to talk all things logistics, products and life at CSS.Read More

CSS Travel - Your questions answered

Post Image At CSS Travel we aim to provide the best service possible and to take the stress out of your day! We’re always transparent and honest, tailoring everything we do to your needs. That’s why we’ve answered the top seven questions we get asked, to help you make the most out of our services.Read More


With over 20 years’ experience providing premium products to airline caterers, we recognise the pressure that airlines are under. We have built strong partnerships with a number of clients offering value for money, reliable service and flexible, tailored deliveries utilising our dedicated fleet of high-security cleared vehicles and extensive logistical expertise.


CSS Group have extensive experience when it comes to the handling the complications involved in delivering to high-security locations. We provide high quality, value for money drinks, snacks and consumables to the UK’s leading airport lounges. We’re able to provide frequent, flexible and tailored deliveries with no minimum order and guaranteed reliability.


As established providers of bonded and non-bonded products for the cruise and ferry industries, CSS Group have built excellent working relationships with many clients, as well as a reputation for excellent reliability. We utilise dedicated vehicles to deliver your products dockside, allowing you to provide a huge range of goods alongside first-class service.

Cruise & Ferries

With our outstanding reputation for customer service and reliability, we keep the rail sector up and running providing premium quality food, drinks and train catering supplies to major stations up and down the UK. Wherever you are, we offer flexible, direct and hassle-free delivery of our extensive range of great quality household brands.